Pops Into Magnificence in 30 Seconds

Meet your wrapping game changer: the new Pop-Up Gift Wrap™. Picture yourself arriving to the party carrying the best looking present. In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t want to lose the tradition of wrapping. Instead, we hacked it. The same delight as unwrapping. More time creating moments that matter.

No Tools Needed

Scissors, tape, rolling paper are not invited to this gift wrapping party. That’s so 2017. Pop-Up Gift Wrap™ is all you need—and possibly some glitter and confetti.

No Skills Required

Wrap anything, even odd-shaped garden gnomes.* No prior experience necessary. So easy never rely on a gift bag again, so beautiful you’ll never need wrapping paper. 

In No Time At All

Wrap 10 gifts in under 5 minutes. Sure to come in handy for major holiday giving. Instead, spend more time doing what you love.  

*No ponies or anything larger than our largest box.

Savings on Christmas Pop-Up Gift Wraps™ and More!

Check out our Etsy store for deep discounts on our 2018 Christmas designs for all four box sizes in both gold and silver plaid and winter wonderland snowflake. Challenge your creativity with our plaid box using different ribbon and toppers for any occasion. (Ribbon not included).

The two sizes for all designs are Medium (6 1/2”x8”x5”) and Large (10”x15”x3)

Take a Peek Inside

Our entire mission of creating Pop-Up Gift Wrap™ is to make giving simple.

Why? Because a wrapped gift creates a connection between two people that we don’t want the-land-of-convenience to diminish.

Pop-Up Gift Wrap™ creates moments that matter. 

They say laughter is the shortest distance between two people. We’d like to suggest that exchanging a wrapped gift shortens that distance, too.

It’s a Wrap!

Co-founder Jennifer Prince is a genius gift wrapper. With Pop-Up Gift Wrap™, she can wrap in 24 seconds flat (although that’s taken some practice). Here, she wraps slower with her patented invention so that you can see how to wrap like a genius, too.

The Easiest Way to Gift Wrap

Step-by-step instructions to using Pop-Up Gift Wrap™. It’s your shortcut to wrapping for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers & Just Becauses (our fave!)

1. Ready, set

Unfold with directions away from you. 

2. Frame it

Keeping flaps extended, squeeze the middle. 

3. Fluff it

Bundle your thoughtfulness in tissue paper.

4. Fold up your secret

Fold while keeping flaps extended. Do not tuck the flaps inside the box.

“I love the ease and elegant end result of the Pop-Up Gift Box.”

Dominique Schurman

Chief Executive Officer, PAPYRUS

5. Ready to party

Go classic, adorning it with love alone; or go crazy with ribbons, confetti, glitter.

Pack a punch with Pop-Up Gift Wrap™ Again & Again & Again & Again x 10

The little red box is reusable up to 10 times—now that’s a gifting essential. It’s the wrapping equivalent of the LBD, or “little black dress.” With a few LRBs (little red boxes) tucked away in your pantry, you’re ready to bring the magic touch to any gifting occasion … and on the fly.

Ignite your creativity

A wrapped gift is the ultimate gesture of kindness. Complete that kinda tedious task in 30 secs. More time for the fun glitter, bingles & twists that make you you.

Easy breezy clean-up

LRB is reusable 10 times. Post occasion, fold flat and store. No mounds of discarded wrap. No, thank you, you won’t be adding to 4 tons of wrapping landfill.

Impress the receiver

In all three photos, same box, different look. Tailor the gift with their favorite colors. Dressed special by you with them in mind, not same-same Amazon.

For Guys Only

The tool you gotta keep in your back pocket, or trunk. It’s the Leatherman of gift-giving. 

A 30-second wrapping

Guys, you’re gonna love this. Giving something special to someone special is within your reach.

No more relying on unwrapped gifts, gifts in paper bags, gift in gift bags, emailed certificates (not romantic), or the nothing-says-impersonal-like Amazon-wrapped-it-for-me gift arrival. Which, BTW, comes to your partner’s doorstep in an Amazon cardboard box.

“Pop-Up Gift Wrap™ is as fun as folding a paper airplane.”  

When you tell your partner you did it yourself, you’re about to get a look that could undo you.* Just don’t tell them it took 30 seconds.

*Pitter-patter. Did both hearts just grow fonder?

The Gift Situation Room

Here are two situations where it’s moments before a gift exchange. Guests have arrived, and gifts are unwrapped. No problem.