Meet your wrapping game changer:
the new Pop-Up Gift Wrap™

Pops Into Magnificence

Picture yourself arriving to the party carrying the best looking present. In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t want to lose the tradition of wrapping. Instead, we hacked it. 

No Tools Needed

Scissors, tape, paper are not invited to this gift wrapping party. Pop-Up Gift Wrap™ is all you need—and possibly some glitter and confetti.

No Skills Required

So easy, you’ll never rely on a gift bag again, so beautiful you’ll never need wrapping paper. 

In No Time At All

Wrap all your gifts in just minutes. That’s a jolly holiday.   

Take a Peek Inside

Our entire mission of creating Pop-Up Gift Wrap™ started with making giving simple. 

Why? Because a wrapped gift creates a connection between two people that we don’t want the-land-of-convenience to diminish. 

They say laughter is the shortest distance between two people. We’d like to suggest that exchanging a wrapped gift shortens that distance, too.

Reusable. Recyclable. Remarkable.

The best gifts keep on giving.

Reusable. Recyclable. Remarkable.

The best gifts keep on giving.

Jennifer Prince CEO/Inventor of Pop-Up Gift Wrap shows the Holiday Collection.

Red & Gold Curls, a favorite from our Holiday Collection

It’s a Wrap!

Co-founder Jennifer Prince is a genius gift wrapper. With Pop-Up Gift Wrap™, she can wrap in 24 seconds flat (although that’s taken some practice). Here, she wraps slower with her patented invention so that you can see how to wrap like a genius, too.

Pack a punch with Pop-Up Gift Wrap

Reusable up to 20 times—now that’s a gifting essential. It’s the wrapping equivalent of the LBD, or “little black dress.” With a few wraps tucked away in your pantry, you’re ready to bring the magic touch to any gifting occasion … and on the fly.

Anywhere you go

A wrapped gift is the ultimate gesture of kindness. Think planes, trains and automobiles. With Pop-Up Gift Wrap in your bag, you’ll always be ready to give that perfect gift.

Easy breezy clean-up

Pop-Up Gift Wrap is reusable 20 times. Post occasion, fold flat and store. No mounds of discarded wrap. No, thank you, you won’t be adding to the 4 million tons of of wrapping that goes to the landfill.

Impress the receiver

Watch their eyes light up when they see you wrap like an expert. (Less than a minute to wrap will be our little secret.)

For Guys Only

The tool you gotta keep in your back pocket, or trunk. It’s the Leatherman of gift-giving. 

A 30-second wrapping

Guys, you’re gonna love this. Giving something special to someone special is within your reach.

No more giving unwrapped gifts, gifts in paper bags, gift in gift bags, emailed certificates (not romantic), or the nothing-says-impersonal-like Amazon-wrapped-it-for-me gift arrival. Which, BTW, comes to your partner’s doorstep in an Amazon cardboard box.

“Pop-Up Gift Wrap™ is as fun as folding a paper airplane.”  

When you tell your partner you did it yourself, you’re about to get a look that could undo you.* Just don’t tell them it took 30 seconds.

*Pitter-patter. Did both hearts just grow fonder?

The Gift Situation Room

Here are two situations where it’s moments before a gift exchange. Guests have arrived, and gifts are unwrapped. No problem.


Where to Buy

We’re dying for you to meet your wrapping game changer: Pop-Up Gift Wrap, so we’ve made it easy for you to shop! You can continue to our SHOP, or go to, shop on Amazon as well as visit some of our favorite partner stores below. 


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