We love the Earth and the new designs are totally recyclable and can be re-used up to 20 times. We also love our artists and have honored them with signature credit on our wraps and a bio inside.

All wraps include color-coordinated tissue, ribbon and three design complementary gift cards.

Small wrap: 6.5” x 8” x 5”
Large wrap: 10” x 15” x 3”

Purple Floral

From tea-party shower gifts to 20-somethings’ and moms’ birthdays, this wrap, inspired by Victorian-era needlepoint chair backs, crosses generations. Textile-queen and color-consultant Astrid Davidse reimagined the antique floral pattern.

Inside color: plum

Red Tulips

Artist Susan Porter reinterprets the famous Marimekko fabric of 1964, subbing tulips for poppies. A stunning presentation for special occasions, yet earthy enough for every day gifts. Drop a chocolate bar in our paper, and it’s way better than a bouquet. Their hearts will go a-bloomity-bloom.

Inside color: black

Lotus Flower

Whenever a lotus emerges, we hear namastes, mantras, and chakras realigning. The summer flower that emerges into magnificence from mud is tied to spiritual practices. Enlightened giving and peace offerings, too, with this Avery Tillmon print.

Inside color: complementary medium blue

Tropical Leaves

These tropical leaves are equally breathtaking and breath-giving. Our nod to Land of the Lost and Mother Earth created by Astrid Davidse.

Inside color: small: mossy green; large: black

Gold Starburst

This wrap reminds us of puffy-head dandelions blowing in the breeze, stars twinkling faraway, gold fireworks splattering the summer sky. Since the design is open to interpretation, it’s equally suitable for summer and winter occasions. Where one sees dandelions; another sees tinsel.

Inside color: midnight blue

Holiday Plaid

What’s red and green and plaid all over with silver trees? Scotland in December and a wrap with hues meticulously picked by color consultant Astrid Davidse. It recalls chilly eves of yore warmed by the crackling fire.

Inside color: cranberry red

Snow Dogs

The mission of this daring dog duo is to deliver smiles to the receiver who may or may not remember the mutt stars of Saturday cartoons. This ode to Marmaduke, Clifford, Astro, Underdog and others is by artist Veronique Charron. **Not recommended for that special feline in your life.

Inside color: texturized red

Fox Wreath

On this wrap that is decorated in a garland of holly and fir, the star is a famous member of the Vulpes genus. This is QBF (short for Quick Brown Fox), the very one who jumped over the lazy dog again and again in keyboarding class. Unemployed since 1993, QBF is thankful for this job of pleasing all the chicks and hens in your life.  Original watercolor by artist Stephanie Ryan.

Inside color: red

Candycane Snowman

Sweeten up gift-giving by scattering swirly peppermint candies on a wrap that recalls winters of play not hibernation: snowball fights, snow angels, icicles, candy canes and Frosty the Snowman reruns. Artist Anne Tavoletti adds a folksy touch to the scene. The snowman needs clothes, and the kids need a sweet treat.

Inside color: red

Baby Elephant

Balloons + baby elephant = baby shower wrap. PI Studio took it old-school with a backdrop of gingham and confetti.

Inside color: mustard yellow

Morning Bird

The easy-to-ID robin is the muse for this G-rated paper designed by Asia Jensen. It sings: “May your future be warm, orange bellied, and full of morning worms.” Just right for showers, weddings, welcome-home gifts, and, of course, your favorite bird’s birthday.

Inside color: small: lemony-green; large: deep mossy green


We don’t know anyone who likes an animal’s spots or stripes in moderation. They tend to jump overboard: striped armchairs, carpets, place settings, earrings, pants. Drop a pair of zebra-striped slippers in this, and she/he won’t know where the wrap ends and the gift begins.  Original design by Cranston Collection, courtesy of MHS Licensing.

Inside color: dark chocolate brown

Super Stars

Do you know what goes on at a star party? Neither do we, but we bet many luminaries attend these sky’s-the-limit bashes. Dazzle the receiver with this celestial paper. It’ll put a sparkle in their eye.

Inside color: purple

Red & Gold Curls

The ancient brocade pattern gets a little chutzpah by artist Veronique Charron. Golden wheat-chaff curls twist atop a richly colored red paper. The present hidden behind this velvety looking curtain … well, it doesn’t even matter what it is.

Inside color: red

Blue Geometric

When the occasion (or mood) calls for a solid-color, settle for boring. Kidding. Don’t do that paper. Do this paper. It’s a color gone wildly optical illusion. You can also use it to hypnotize people.

Inside color: blue/blue

Colorful Chevron

Charlie Brown was way ahead of his time with the whole chevron pattern. Only it was called zig-zag then. Designer Alexis Clark splashes in sophisticated colors to create a wrap that pleases two groups that rarely hang together: the Pop-Sugary trendsetters and babies. To quote Charlie Brown: “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter like unrequited love.”

Inside color: orange

Watercolor Dots

If this looks like splotches of watercolors to you, well, pour yourself a drink. You’ll see it’s so much more! It’s rain sent from Monet heavens, a kaleidoscope broke free, a PET scan of an artist’s brain. What it is, is ready to dress up your prezzies when they need to make an entrance.

Inside color: royal blue