If you’ve seen our pop-up gift wrap, you know how awesome the concept is. Who wouldn’t want a unique, hassle-free way to create the perfect-looking present?

Getting our patent in May 2017 provided us with our proof of concept. Yup, my gift wrap idea was not only original, it was workable. And cool. But would it sell?

We approached Papyrus—the upscale and fabulous American chain of stationery, gift wrap and greeting cards—about test marketing our product. When they sold out in their flagship stores and in their online shop in three weeks, we had our proof of sales.

Once we knew that people liked our pop-up gift wrap as much as we did, it was time to actually create some designs. So we started doing our research. I’ll give you the lowdown on how we actually made our final selection when we’re getting ready to launch the new line. For now, in addition to teasing you with a sneak preview of some of our upcoming designs, I’ll just say that while we did attend the national stationery show, that’s not where we came up with our gift wrap design concepts. Instead, we looked at everything from colors to patterns in interior design and high-end fashion to find out what was trending.

Since the Pantone color of the year is called Living Coral, we obviously had to include that in our lineup, especially since the Pantone website talks about the color as representative of “authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy.” That’s what we’re all about!

Nature, stars, florals, animals and animal prints, and geometrics are also hugely popular, so we added those to the gift wrap line. The patterns are bold and beautiful, and many are signed by the artist right on the wrap. If I had my way, we’d do a whole line featuring my favorite geometric form. But obviously not everybody shares my tastes, and I wanted every person who sees our gift wrap line to fall in love with that special design that speaks to them. So I worked with a team that included interior designers, artists and folks from boomers to millennials to make our final choices and come up with selections that work for all occasions and holidays.

We’re introducing our entire 2019 line at the Dallas Gift Show from June 19th to 25th at Booth 1406 and at the Las Vegas Gift Show (Booth #P1-4081) from July 28th through 31st. The rest of you will have to wait until our launch to figure out which design has your name on it. For now, I hope that the pop-up gift wrap designs I’ve shared in this preview makes your day just a little brighter.